IOU Coupon

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Although not as good as the real thing, these IOU coupons can be sent directly to your loved ones (if you wish).

 These little token gifts can let them know, that the minute they see you in person, they can trade these in for the real gift... your perfect hug! 

Want to send something other than a hug? Please get in touch! Our Coupons can be made to any custom design! 

We can cater these to any gift, birthday cake, flowers, trips, the list is endless!

Made from plywood which is laser cut and engraved with your recipient and personal message, sealed in a golden envelope 

Size: approximately 15cm X 7.5cm

If you are ordering two or more of this item and require them to be sent to different recipients, please create multiple orders for each destination. As each order will be delivered to 1 recipient only.