Rainbow Shield Gift Card

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Perfect gift to send to parents and carers during lock-down. This sweet card is ideal to send to those who believe may not being doing enough for their children during this difficult time (when we all know they really are!). The card features a watercolour print depicting 3 children being shielded by a rainbow. Along with a wooden front engraved with a unique poem called Rainbow Shield written by Tara @ Hodgepodge.

The card is approx 17.5cm tall by 12.5cm wide, with a wooden front engraved with the poem. The watercolour pictures is printed onto the card and can be seen through a slot cut in the front.

This card comes already in a blank envelope which you can then use to forward this onto your loved one with your own personal message inside.

Please note due to ongoing lock down, there may be an additional delay on dispatching these items. Along with supplier delays, we are also doing our bit by reducing our post office runs to once per week. Because of this, we aim to dispatch within 4 weeks.