HodgeBlog - Thanks thanks and more thanks!

Well what a week! I am bloody exhausted but it has been so worth it! 

Not sure what I am talking about? Where have you been! 

The last few weeks I have been building up to launching our new Christmas range in our #ChristmasIsntCancelled launch and yesterday was launch day!

I want to say a massive thankyou to every single one of you who tuned in throughout yesterday, it didn't go quite as I had planned as my littlest Hodgepodge needed my attention, but I did it! I have never launched such a big collection, and I was so nervous about how the collection would be received, but I am so thrilled with the feedback so far!

The Penguins!

Its clear to see that the penguins have stolen the show and I can not wait to get making all of the different families that have come through. If you have another favourite I would love to know which below!

So the blog has been very buisnessy (if that is even a word) over the last couple of weeks, so I hope to bring in a few more insights over the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas. Including my new venture with Hodgepodge which I am working on in the background but if you would like to hear more about that, or if you are a person who would love to paint, get creative, then head over to my Facebook group Hodgepodge Creates to hear about any updates first! 


So for now, as my children haven't seen much of me because of work, I will be taking some time out this week to celebrate middle little hodgepodge's birthday on Friday this week as well as making all the orders from the last week, but don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything!

But for this week I will be taking a leaf out of William Wordsworth's book

 “Rest and be thankful.”



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