Watercolour Commissions

Watercolours are a looser way of capturing the details whilst still retaining character of the image. Whilst my watercolour pieces won't create a realistic finish, they will give a colourful and expressional interpretation of the references provided. Because of the characteristics of watercolour, the final pieces are quicker to create than if using Coloured Pencils.

Coloured Pencil Commissions

Coloured Pencils its detail, detail, detail! If you haven't guessed already, with my pencil pieces I pay attention to detail. I do my best to create the most realistic interpretation of your references. They allow me to focus on tonal variations and precise detail allowing the piece to come to life. Because of this, they do take longer than watercolour and require more involved techniques to create the perfect picture, however I do keep you posted with updates and progress, so there will be no radio silence from me.


How long does a piece normally take to complete?

It all depends on the medium, Watercolours are normally completed within 7 days from starting. Coloured Pencil take longer and are normally completed within 2-3 weeks depending on reference detail. You will be given a more accurate completion time once I've reviewed the references and agreed the piece.

How many commissions slots do you have available?

Generally I will look to book 2 commissions a month. Please get in touch to check availability.

Do you ask for a deposit or full payment?

A non refundable deposit of 25% is required on booking. For the remaining balance, you can either pay in instalments or in full on completion, whichever is more convenient for yourself. No final pieces will be shipped until full payment has been received.

How much does postage cost?

Shipping is free within the UK, if you would like me to send to outside the UK please get in touch for a shipping quote.

Are you able to frame my final piece?

Sadly I don't currently offer framing services, however I can advise on best practises for ensuring your piece stays perfect.

Can you combine multiple images? Can you add or remove elements?

Absolutely, this is very popular with my memorial pieces. As for adding/removing elements, if I can do it I will. (e.g. adding dog tongues to closed mouths is quite popular!) Any and all customisation we can discuss as part of the booking for your commission.

I only have old photos, can you work with these?

In an ideal world every reference photo would be clear and perfect, however I under that this cannot be the case for every photo. The best advise is provide me with as many photos of the subject as possible, and I can advise which will achieve the best results. The quality of the image may determine the medium I suggest for your piece to achieve the best results.

Are these the only sizes you offer?

No, not at all, these are just my most popular sizes. Please get in touch if you have a specific size in mind (bigger or smaller).

Contact us with any queries or if you would like a quote!